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Add Massage to Your Self Care Plan in 2019

Are regular massages on your self-care plan for 2019? Super if you nodded with an emphatic ‘Oh, heck yeah!’. For those of you who are unsure about massage, I’m going to break down the honest benefits.

The clinical benefits of massage  are well-documented but I have not once had a client, when asked how they felt after a massage, report they were enjoying the increase in circulation and the production of endorphins.

What I do hear very regularly …

I finally feel relaxed

My shoulders are so loose

My headache went away

I’m not going back to work (Side benefit. Not heavily researched yet)

And over time after regular sessions …

I can touch my toes without my back hurting 

I have less pain and stiffness

My posture is much better 

My flexibility is amazing

It really is ALL ABOUT YOU 

You’re busy taking care of everyone else in your life and it’s inevitable the stress will start affecting your health. A massage is a commitment to yourself to reserve one hour to be the center of attention.

Sports massage or dreamy relaxation. Talk or don’t talk. Sleep. Drool a little. Shed tears of pure joy. It’s all about what you feel you need most at that moment. Where else can you get that?

All in yet? Be sure to read Hacks for Getting the Best Massage Ever to make sure you’re getting the massage session of your dreams.

Still unsure? Send me a message! I am happy to answer any questions.

Here’s to a wonderful and pain-free 2019!